Our Mission

Our mission at Civil Advantage is to provide real world, relevant training to law abiding citizens who are interested in developing or maintaining safe and effective firearms skills. We are committed to training only those who intend to honour the laws of Canada and promote awareness of the Firearms Act and associated regulations.

Our Services

Our services range from introduction to firearms to the most advanced training available to civilians in Canada. Our curriculum and scope of services continues to expand and diversify. Our current offering includes:
  • Introduction to Firearms (for beginners)
  • Canadian Firearms Safety Course (PAL certification)
  • Basic and advanced rifle and pistol training
  • Private individual and group training
  • Corporate functions, team development

Founder and Instructor, Rod Giltaca

Rod is a firearms enthusiast, a well known YouTube personality and one of Canada's most respected advocates for civilian firearm ownership. He is also an entrepreneur and Canadian businessman. For more than a decade as a business development professional and founder of YWire Technologies Inc., Rod traveled across North America working with clients such as the US Government, US Military, and Fortune 20 Companies. This experience in communication has contributed greatly to his passion, teaching civilians about firearm safety and sharing his adoration of the sport.

Rod is a certified instructor for the RCMP Canadian Firearms Program and is proficient with pistols, rifles and shotguns. He has trained on use of force, high risk entry, warrant service and simunition training including numerous live fire courses in combat rifle and pistol.

Most recently Rod accepted a position as President of the Canadian Coalition For Firearm Rights, an advocacy organization focused on bringing common sense to Canada's firearm legislation and regulations.

New Location in Langley
We now have a new location in Langley, BC!!

Civil Advantage Opens New Location in Langley, BC.

Sign up for a course or come and see us at our new location in Langley, BC. We are co-located with Poco Military at:

Civil Advantage\Poco Military
#105 20120 64th Ave
Langley, BC V2Y 1M8
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We are thrilled to bring the best Canadian Firearm Safety Course to Langley, BC and Surrey, BC. Email us or call now to register!!

Call us at 604-824-9107 or email info@civiladvantage.com

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Rod Giltaca Featured on Sun News Network
Profile on Civil Advantage

Civil Advantage and Rod Giltaca appeared twice on Sun News Network last week. Follow the links below to see the videos.

Click here for the Special Report on Civil Advantage

Click here for an interview with Rod Giltaca

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Civil Advantage YouTube Channel Hits 2,000,000 Views!!!
All Canadian Channel

The Civil Advantage YouTube channel has been growing like crazy. After only a couple of years we've hit 2,000,000 views and 16,000 subscribers to the channel. We're proud of the channel because it's Canadian and focuses on Canadian content. Find instructional videos, gun culture content and videos about the firearm act. Watch and comment!!!

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Learn To Shoot!!
Live Fire For Beginners...

Live Fire Instruction For Beginners

The response from Rifle & Pistol for Beginners (6-Gun Live Fire) has been great. This 1.5 hour personal instruction opportunity is perfect for those completing the Canadian Firearms Safety Course and feel a guided first trip to the range would be beneficial. We have made a name for ourselves in the firearms community by providing a comfortable, supportive environment.

The course includes live fire and one on one instruction covering safety and techniques across 5 firearms. See the course description in the “Courses & Dates” section Click here.


Canadian Firearm Safety Course Reviews …
What our students had to say...

What determines if a Canadian Firearms Safety Course is of a high quality or not?

Firstly, the instructor needs to have not only experience in a variety of firearms but also in the handling of these firearms in different sports. Secondly, the instructor needs to be a competent teacher and communicator as well as genuinely care whether the students leave with the training they expected. It is very important that he or she be patient and provide a comfortable and professional environment to cover this critical material. And lastly, the equipment, meaning the firearms must be the type and quality the student will encounter in the real world. The firearms used in the CFSC must not be poorly maintained.

All of these qualities are fulfilled at Civil Advantage because we care about the students we certify and their contribution to our society and our firearms community.

Some Kind Words From Our Students

Hi Rod,
I've passed your card along to a lot of people so hopefully you'll be getting a few more phone calls from members! Great course, great instruction. It really rounded out my knowledge concerning the types of civilian firearms I encounter on the job.

RCMP Member, Jan 2011

Hi Rod,
We wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the CFSC course we took with you. We found you to be experienced, and presented the material in an easy to understand format, truly caring about our safety and the safety of others when handling any firearm. Although safety was your first objective, you made the course enjoyable and had a wealth of information to share. My husband and I would recommend this or other training from Civil Advantage to anyone either a beginner or advanced.

Gary and Ashley, Jan 2011

Hi Rod,
I wanted to comment on your classroom, and range training. Simply put, there should be more teachers like you out there. You made the classroom a very relaxed environment, all the while keeping the most important aspects of the course, safety and common sense at the forefront. I truly appreciate your calm direct approach. It was most beneficial to me as demonstrated at the range. One mistake could hurt someone, and that is the most concerning scenario for me. I hope that with more practice, the carry and concerns of the range will be as safe and enjoyable as possible. I look forward to getting my PAL and ATT so I can join the club at Abbotsford. I’ve found a passion in target shooting and now am looking forward to developing my skills. Thank You!!

Steve, Jan 2011

Hi Rod,
I wanted to thank you for putting on such an awesome course. I found it really professional and your explanations were concise and well done. I will definitely be recommending you to friends! I was always some what nervous around firearms and now I feel that in almost any situation I can pick up a gun make it safe and use them safely.

Jon, March 2011